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Hilti has a large range of demolition power tools for the construction professional with safety & productivity in mind for our features built into our tools & services offered.

Demolition work is too often ignored with safety requirements for workers and using traditional methods can often leave you with more unexpected delays. Hilti has a wide range of demolition tools designed to optimize your workers productivity and safety whether it’s working on a wall or floor; if its on the edge of a high rise or highway; whether it’s in concrete or brick or asphalt (roads/pavements) we have the power tool to meet your requirements.

This method by which an existing concrete member is taken down, can occur due to changes or rectification of mistakes that happened during construction. Demolition can be either on the wall or on the floor. Normally breakers are used to remove the concrete, it’s important to use the right breaker for the right intensity and direction of the demolition job; with the correct chisel to get the job done faster such as a wide flat or pointed chisel.


Tool Repair Services– Drilling Tools

All Hilti drilling tools come with a 2 year no repair costs for wear and tear.

All Hilti drilling tools are sold with a 20-year manufacturers warranty.  

+ Hilti tools are repaired by certified technicians.

+ We take care in having spare parts available for our demolition tools in-market.

+ We know time is money so we take care in having a fast turnaround time to get the tool back on your site so you can keep working.

All Hilti paid repairs come with 1-month warranty so if its still not working when you receive it, within the month of the repair, we will look at the tool again and fix it with no repair charge.

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HI-Drive Technology

Hilti’s innovative HI Drive technology is the result of decades of Hilti experience in developing power tools.

Efficient engine. A longer, smartly-designed low-wear-rate carbon brush, coupled with an intelligent air flow design helps to keep the engine cool for superior lifetime.

A solid epoxy protection safeguards the engine from stone hits.

Cutting edge transmission. A perfectly aligned hammering mechanism and robust connection end safely transmits high impact energy. A three-chambered system with individualized lubrication and robust sealing keeps dust out and ensures longer lifetime.

Electronic power steering. Electronic power steering protects the tool against overload when pushed beyond its limits and ensures steady operation in adverse conditions. A Power Booster feature delivers constant high performance despite usage with long cords, while an Electronic Restart Interlock protects users in case of unplanned power off and on scenarios.

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AVR – Worker safety should be a priority

Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) technology and other practical strategies to help reduce vibration.

Through many decades of research and development, Hilti has been minimizing power tool vibration using Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) systems. This technology reduces vibration by up to two-thirds compared to conventional tools, allowing them to be used for longer and more comfortably.

Choosing tools with AVR can significantly reduce vibration without compromising performance, making it easier to keep construction workers comfortable and productive.

Hilti AVR works in a number of ways to reduce power tool vibration to a minimum, including:  1. Isolated motor 2, Vibration absorbers 3. Decoupled handles.



Product Information

All Hilti demolition tools come with a user manual & operational instruction. You can find this in the box or case. All major languages are available.

You can download the operation instructions and material safety data sheets of all our tools, inserts or consumables for products mentioned on this page; see below.

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Product Trainings

Hilti has account managers servicing all major cities in your country to support on your construction site to meet all your training needs for Hilti demolition tools.

This will not only make your workers more productive, but proper usage of the tool may even extend it’s life & reduce repairs. It has also been noticed that by using the correct chisel type for the job, can extend the usage and life of the chisel.

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Chisel Technology

Hilti Polygon chisels are self-sharpening even through the hardest of materials this does away with costly and time-consuming sharpening.

Hilti Polygon chisels are much less likely to get stuck, which means fewer interruptions and less time lost.

Hilti has chisels with wave technology which removes the dust faster; this reduces the heat building up while in use and it’s this heat, that reduces the performance and life span of a chisel. Hilti wave chisels will give higher performance and a long life span.

Multiple sales channels

Hilti has a few ways you can buy from them you can have an account manager come visit you or you can visit a Hilti store or call our customer service number. In some markets you can order the product through the website.

Select the communication and sales channel most relevant for your needs.

When it comes to purchasing injectable mortars, accessories & drill bits , you want to have the convenience of having it delivered with a simple call or email or a quick visit to your nearest Hilti store. You decide what is convenient for you.

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