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Trust Hilti products and solutions to solve the toughest piping challenges.

Piping installations can often be tedious work making up most of the time in the schedule for the plumbing jobs.  Hilti has products, solutions and services to help plumbers with their day-to-day tasks. We are only showing a few here and if you want a Hilti account manager to visit you on your construction site or at the office, do not hesitate to fill out our ‘Contact Me’ form click here.


Hilti can support at every stage of the installation from upfront engineering design to the final testing. Convenience and expertise is something we work very hard at every day.

Product training

Hilti has account managers servicing all major cities in your country to train your workers, on-site, on our products.

This will not only make your workers more productive, but proper usage of the tool may even extend its life & reduce repairs. It has also been noticed that proper usage can extend the usage of the drill bit or chisel being used.                                                                

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Back-office engineering support

We’re here to support right through from design to installation.

Our quotation service provides you with a tailor-made offer, to show you how much your project will cost using Hilti products. It’s an accurate and reliable way of estimating costs for your build.

Our calculation service covers everything in the quotation service and much more. We’ll take on all the leg-work in the design and calculation of your support system to deliver the most optimized solution for your build. Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of it.

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Multiple sales & communication channels

Hilti has a few ways you can buy from them you can have an account manager come visit you or you can visit a Hilti store or call our customer service number. In some markets you can order the product through the website.

Select the communication and sales channel most relevant for your needs.

When it comes to purchasing drop-in anchors, accessories & drill bits, you want to have the convenience of having it delivered with a few clicks, simple call or email or a quick visit to your nearest Hilti store. You decide what is convenient for you.

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Drilling the holes, setting the drop-in, screwing in the threaded rod, attaching the pipe ring and attaching the pipe and making sure everything is aligned are the steps in an overhead pipe installation. This comes with its own unique challenges and here are some solutions Hilti has available to make this installation faster, safer, with higher quality workmanship and less fatigued staff.

Tool Repair Services

All Hilti drilling tools are sold with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty

Hilti drilling tools* come with a 2 year

no repair costs for wear and tear.

+ Hilti tools are repaired by certified technicians

+ We take care in having spare parts available for our drilling tools in-market

+We know time is money so we take care in having a fast turnaround time to get the tool back on your site so you can keep working

All Hilti paid repairs come with 1-month warranty so if it’s still not working when you receive it; within the month of the repair; we will look at the tool again and fix it with no repair charge.

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No more dust on your face – Dust Collector; Hilti DCD Accessory

Your face should not be collecting the dust from your overhead drilling work.

This Hilti product is used with Hilti rotary hammers TE 3-ML, TE 3-C or TE 60 A-22.

Simply click onto the tool and drill and let the dust collector collect the dust and not your face.

This is ideal for prolonged overhead drilling applications.

This is just one of many Hilti accessories that is solving problems for mechanical and electrical applications throughout the world.

Hilti has more dustless solutions see below more information.

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Set & drill with one tool

Save time and improve the quality of installation of the drop-in anchor.

The HKD-TE-CX setting tool allows you to drill the hole; then once the anchor is placed in the hole; you place the setting tool part on and set the anchor with the same drilling tool.

The stop drill bit on the setting tool & the lip on the end of the HKD anchor guarantees the correct embedment depth every time. All of this gives a 100% perfect flush anchor installation which in turn allows your pipe run to be straight and aligned.

The set and drill with one tool also reduces fatigue so your staff can  install more anchors in one go.

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Cordless solutions

Overhead drilling is perfect for cordless tools providing the same performance as corded tools but with more productivity and less fatigued workers.

In the light to medium duty piping applications the hole to be drilled has a short embedment depth meaning that a cordless tool can give you many holes on a single charge.

For example a M8 drop-in anchor with 25 mm depth; it was once shown on a single charge of a 22 volt 2.6 Ah Hilti battery; 180 holes were drilled.

Hilti also has a fast charger which can charge a 22-volt 5.2 Ah battery in 35 minutes.

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MT System - Modular supports for pipe installations

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Cordless systems - for pipe installations

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